Lab Members & PhD Students

We are always looking for a few good PhD students!

Lab Members

The Principal Investigator of the ACN lab is Dr. Fatima T. Husain.
She has a PhD in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University. She worked for several years as a PostDoc and later as a Research Fellow in the Brain Imaging and Modeling lab of NIDCD, National Institutes of Health. She first came to the US as an international student from India. She has been at University of Illinois since January 2008. For more information about Dr. Husain, please visit:

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Picture of Bahar Shahsavarani

Somayeh (Bahar) Shahsavarani

Benjamin Zimmerman

Graduate Students

Picture of Ivan Abraham

Ivan Abraham (PhD candidate, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Picture of Rafay Khan

Rafay Khan (PhD candidate, Neuroscience)

Picture of Sara Schmidt

Sara Schmidt (PhD candidate, Speech & Hearing Science)

Picture of YiHsin Tai

YiHsin Tai (PhD candidate, Speech & Hearing Science)

Picture of Ariel Brownlee

Ariel Brownlee (AuD candidate)

Carolyn Jeon (AuD candidate)

James Woods (AuD candidate)

Undergraduate Students

Picture of Rosa Lin

Rosa Lin

Jade Roberts

Picture of Jenna Vengalis

Jenna Vengalis

Jake Carpenter-Thompson (PhD - MD candidate)
Caroline Davis (University of Minnesota Medical School)
Corinne Heller (AuD, CCC-A - Black Hawk Area Special Education District in East Moline, IL)
Roberto Medina (PhD candidate - Gulbankian Institute, Portugal)
Nathan Pajor (MD - Pediatrics, Lurie Childrens' Hospital, Chicago)
Alison Sherren (AuD)
Jaclyn Utz (AuD)
Jenise Chappell (AuD)
Anthony Tsao (AuD)
Ariana Romero
Madeleine Thomas
Kelli Utz
Madhuri Ratnakumar (MEng candidate, Bioengineering)

Pictured above: Jake Carpenter-Thompson, Richard Bido-Medina, Sara Schmidt, Jenise Chappell, Madeleine Thomas, and Dr. Fatima Husain

Pictured above: Ariana Romero, Megan Finnegan, Kelli Utz, Sara Schmidt, Dr. Fatima Husain, Anthony Tsao, Yihsin Tai, and Richard Bido-Medina

PhD Opportunities Within Our Lab

The Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Lab is seeking candidates for a PhD program who are interested in auditory processing, specifically related to hearing impairment, tinnitus and aging.

The PhD may be obtained in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science or the Graduate Program in Neuroscience, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Husain can mentor PhD students in either program.

Our lab has been continuously funded to conduct brain imaging and behavioral research on hearing loss and tinnitus for the past 7 years.

Over the past year, our exciting new findings have been published in publications such as Brain Research, Hearing Research, PLoS ONE, and American Journal of Audiology.

We are especially interested in candidates who are comfortable with computation and neuroscience and have a passion for helping patients.